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Stainless Steel

MT Perry Engineering Ltd are specialist stainless steel fabricators. We offer specialist stainless steel fabrication for food and pharmaceutical grade applications.
We work with all types of stainless steel 300 Series including: Stainless steel fabrication requires stringent quality control at all stages to prevent contamination with particular emphasis on welded seems and unions. This process covers all aspects of fabrication and assembly including fixtures, fittings and finishing.

All of our welders are qualified to ASME IX for MIG, TIG and MMA welding of Stainless Steels.

Our experience includes work with specialist stainless steel such as Duplex which is used in fabrications for its resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

One area of stainless steel fabrication we are often involved with is the replication of traditional equipment usually only available in mild steel, in stainless steel. Examples include chairs, tables and shelving but also include more complex items such as material handling equipment.



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