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Project - Spinning Machine

MT Perry were commissioned to manufacture 6 of these fully enclosed spinning machines, a contract worth over £270k. Each machine was over 1.5m high and 3.5m long and were bolted to the floor with internal runners to allow for the sliding out of the internal machinery. The framework was fabricated from mild steel box section with mild steel & aluminium side panels. Whilst the exact nature of the internal machinery is subject to client confidentiality we can say that we were responsible for the design and manufacture of all internal pneumatic, mechanical and drive systems for a fully automated spinning process. The electronics was subcontracted to a third party and all fixtures and fixings such as windows, handles, roller guides etc were sourced by MT Perry. The machines were fully tested and commissioned by MT Perry with the contract taking 6 months from start to the installation of the first machine and 9 month to full completion.



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